Pebble Funds

Funding to Enable New Entrepreneurs to Build


Personal finances should not be a factor as to whether a great idea becomes reality. 

Our philanthropic Pebble Funds solve this challenge once and for all. Contributions, which are 100% tax-deductible, pave the way for a universal onramp, enabling anyone across the US to transform ideas into action. Donors and partners can earmark their funds for specific states, regions or cities, industries or demographics. Builders use these non-dilutive funds to learn how to bring their idea to life and to cover the cost of rapid experimentation in the real world. 

Pebble Funds enable us to fuel thousands of new builders and ideas, particularly championing those from underserved and underrepresented communities. Funds are provided to each Builder on a controlled Pebble Fund card. The card is not tied to the builders' name or credit score, and it doesn’t create taxable income for the Builders, which allows us to shatter the financial barriers that keep people from getting started with their entrepreneurial journey.

Builders + Backers Pebble Fund - We are Friends and Family
We are the friends and family funders every entrepreneur needs. Through small amounts of non-dilutive funding, we can help anyone, anywhere build things (and retain full ownership of what they build). And, for the equivalent of an average venture capital seed round for a single startup, we can move hundreds of ideas off the sidelines and turn them into promising new companies. 
Pebble Funds rely on the generous support of individuals, foundations, cities, counties, corporations, and other funders. Often funding is provided through a combination of private donations and public dollars. All grants and philanthropic contributions for the Pebble Fund or Program are fully tax deductible. Direct contributions and donations through a DAF are welcome.
Builders + Backers Pebble Fund - We rely on the generous support

Empowering innovation for a more equitable and prosperous future.