We are Backers

From novel ideas to promising new ventures, we are fueling a new future.


We invest in entrepreneurial ideas that can create a better future.

With two ways to invest, our goal is to put the power of technology in the hands of more people, build up communities and create things that lead to the kind of society where prosperity is widely shared.

We don't just disrupt. We disrupt to democratize.


Pebble Fund

Philanthropic funds that stimulate idea-stage experimentation and building. Tax-deductible contributions to our Pebble Funds fuel Builders’ pre-seed stage experiments in the Idea Accelerator program. Thanks to our generous funders, we are activating thousands of new builders across the globe getting their ideas off the sidelines and turning them into promising new ventures.

Open to Anyone | Fully Tax Deductible
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New Ventures

Cornerstone Funds

A blended returns investment fund that makes revenue-based, redeemable equity and venture capital investments into the promising seed-stage companies. We invest in ventures that emerge from the experiments our Pebble Fund fuels and from our community partners in ecosystems, large and small, across the nation. We provide the backing young companies need to become sustainable, job-producing employers while also fueling the breakout ventures in our portfolio that are rapidly scaling.

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Empowering innovation for a more equitable and prosperous future.