Weekly AI and Tech Updates
January 1, 2022

Weekly AI and Tech Updates

Welcome back to our weekly roundup of the latest developments in the world of AI and technology. It was a busy week in AI and Technology news! Imagine AI systems performing better with a little human style encouragement and the potential for anyone (yes, anyone) to develop software with the use of a whiteboard, a camera, and ChatGPT’s (currently in beta) Vision system.  Let's dive into the top stories:

1. DeepMind uses AI uses “take a deep breath” prompt, causing math scores to soar

Google DeepMind researchers developed a technique to improve math ability in AI language models like ChatGPT by using other AI models to improve prompting. They found that using human-style encouragement improved math skills dramatically; using “Take a deep breath and work on this problem step by step” to be an extremely effective prompt, causing math scores to soar. 

2. Majority of companies report AI created more jobs

According to a report published by the Institute for the Future of Work, 78% of companies said that the use of AI and the incorporation of automated processes into their work flows directly contributed to new jobs being created. 

3. Meta Introducing new AI Experiences

Meta has introduced new AI experiences across its family of apps and devices. This includes rolling out AI stickers across apps, AI image editing, a Meta AI conversational assistant on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Meta AI will also be coming to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and Quest 3.

4. Microsoft x Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is partnering with Microsoft to test the use of generative AI tools in healthcare. The Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program is being tested by hundreds of Mayo Clinic's clinical staff, doctors, and healthcare workers. The program combines the power of large language models with organizational data from Microsoft 365 to automate tasks such as form-filling, which can take up valuable time for healthcare providers. 

5. Google announces new tool called Google-Extended

Google has added a switch for publishers that allows website publishers to opt out of having their data used to train the company's AI models while still being accessible through Google Search. The tool is available through robots.txt, which informs web crawlers whether they can access certain sites. Google-Extended lets publishers manage whether their sites help improve Bard and Vertex AI generative APIs, and control access to content on a site. 

6. Google.org to introduce 300k students to robotics & AI

Google.org has announced a total of $10m in grants to fund youth robotics nonprofits, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST_ and the REC Foundation (RECF), helping 300,000 U.S. middle schoolers get  involved in robotics programs and other technology, preparing them for the jobs of tomorrow.

7. Apple invests in Chat GPT-style AI

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company is researching chatGPT-style AI and expects to hire more Artificial Intelligence staff in the UK.

8. ChatGPT Vision & Figma Integration

ChatGPT Vision can now take in screenshots from Figma and generate code, breaking down traditional tech barriers. 

9. ChatGPT & Team Whiteboarding

You can now give Chat GPT a picture of your team’s whiteboard session, and it will write the code for you.

These updates from the world of AI and tech showcase the ever-evolving nature of technology and its potential to transform various industries. From enhancing user interactions with AI models like ChatGPT to tackling real-world solutions like creating more jobs, these developments promise a more connected, secure, and creative future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the weeks to come!